Easter Updates

This news update comes as after a successful first year, many members have been asking when the next meeting will be, along with interest from new people wanting to join.

A project such as ours requires funding – in the least to cover venue rental – and at this moment we are waiting to hear back from two grant applications (one of which said the process can take up to three months).

Even if we did have funding, there has been a fire at our usual beloved venue at the People Express building. Although it was only a small fire, there was enough soot damage to the bottom floor where it started to halt in-house projects, until such time for the premises to be declared safe. It has taken a while to clean the bottom floor, and office spaces are currently based upstairs in the usual meeting space.

In the meantime, we have raised a small profit for ourselves with sales of our coffee table book showcasing our community project “The Big WELCOME Cafe” – which thankfully weren’t destroyed in the fire – and are still available to purchase for £5 from People Express in the current upstairs office. Our members would also be delighted to purchase a copy on your behalf.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued interest in the group, and rest assured we have a lot of things going on behind the scenes!


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