International Women’s Day ♀️: Our resident belly dancer💃🏼

“Katarina” Atkinson – as she is known to her friends – is like any other woman. As a little girl she loved mermaids and unicorns (and still does)! As a woman she loves to dance, even taking up belly dancing like her idol Shakira. Yet despite performing on stage in the past, like many women she struggles with her body image issues, which are not helped by her Autism and OCD.

This photoshoot was setup by the Big WELCOME Cafe to showcase this member’s moves and costumes, and to build her self-esteem. Of the 300 photos taken only a few were able to fit into our coffee table book, but these ones that didn’t were printed off and made into her own personal modelling portfolio to remind her to stay body positive!

Since doing the photoshoot, she has found a new belly dancing class, and said she is open to doing more glamour photography with us in the future!


The Swadlincote Asperger’s Society is proud to confirm that the model in these photographs has NOT been photoshopped beyond reality.


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